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How do I buy wine?

Bedrock wines are released three times a year, usually in February, July and November.

We sell the majority of our wine to our devoted Mailing List. We love this as it means we get to directly interact with the people who are interested in the wines. Allocations to the list are based on buying history though we try to get everyone what they would like. Our goal is never to say “no,” but sometimes there is just too little wine from a particular lot to go around.

When you sign up you will be added to our Waiting List which operates a bit differently than some. As a member of the Waiting List, at the end of each of the three yearly releases you’ll be offered any wines that haven’t been snatched up by the Mailing List. Those who order are then added to the Mailing List and will receive guaranteed allocations for the wines in subsequent releases. So stay tuned!

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